Meruert Tolegen brings her Spring | Summer 2023 collection in through hues, and colors of memories she carried through childhood. Living in the city of Almaty during her youth, sitting against a large window facing the mountains which surrounded one side of the city, she would draw, and watch the gardens bloom. Meruert spent her summer days picking sour cherries to be made into jam and syrup, and watching the summer storms pelt throught the grass. Fragments of these memories are depicted on the satin fabrics printed with pomegranites and wild flowers, a dragonfy crosses your path ever so often. Hand knit garments make a gentle appearance in the collection with crochet details and play on trims. 


“If one were to close their eyes, and try remembering the textures of their memories what would one find?” A rippled fabric covered orange chair, with a sleek wooden frame. Creases in the leather couch that once stood near the lemon tree in the sitting room. A silky, transparent curtain blowing into the open window. These textures are realized in the spongy embroidered fabric cut into an over coat. They are felt in the creased silk blend dress, in the transluscent organza silhouettes captured in their still. 

A memory depicted through fabric and its silhouette, bottled into a single garment, brought to life with movement. Ones memories are the very fiber of their being, a blueprint of life. Meruert attempts to capture these moments and recreate them in the SS 23 spread. SS 23 is dedicated to her late grandfather Toleutay Tolegenovich.

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