Meruert Tolegen is a New York – based luxury designer brand that made its debut into the world of fashion during Paris Fashion Week in the Fall of 2022, with its FW 2022 collection “Hiver” The brand places an emphasis on construction and fabrication as well as the blend of sharp silhouettes and the brands simultaneous feminine nature – creating a balancing act. 

Although the brands soft aesthetic is evident in the ever so gentle philosophy, there is a sense of edge, and masculinity in TOLEGEN garments. The silhouettes bring together a choreography between lines and patterns uniting in a seamless dance. 

The discovery of self, the whimsical nature, and the ever dreamy inner world of the woman she stands for – shows a glimpse into the MT woman. As quoted from Numero Magazine, FRANCE “The marvelous universe of a collection that invites to express the poetry present in each one of us…” 

meruert tolegen garments embody a harmonious blend of European design sensibilities with a subtle nod to the native elements of the designers Kazakh culture. Meruert, with her background in the scientific field, approaches fashion design with an instinctive and intuitive sensibility, where innovation and creativity converge.

Designed and produced in New York.


Meruert Tolegen a Kazakhstan native immigrated to the United States at an early age. From her childhood memories in Almaty city, Meruert draws inspiration mainly of her time spent with her grandparents in her childhood home designed and decorated by her grandfather. From him she learned to love and appreciate the art of interiors and architecture. Her lengthy time in the garden with her grandmother nurtured a love of nature, and contributed to her nature based inspiration and focus around her garments.

Despite her career path in the bio-sciences Meruert decided to shift her career to an artistic focus. She first created a children’s brand after her daughter who was born, and soon after created MERUERT TOLEGEN.

In 2020 Meruert decided to begin her work on creating the women’s line focusing on her brand identity and in the Summer of 2021 hosted her first presentation. 

In the Fall of 2022 Meruert brought her Fall 2022 women’s line to Paris for it’s official debut.
Despite lacking initial connections within the fashion industry, Meruert diligently forged her own path, gradually establishing relationships and garnering support from specialists across diverse domains within the fashion field.

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