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The Hiver 2022 Season captivates with its use of construction and play between voluminous shapes, and their narrow counterparts. The silhouettes bring together a choreography between lines and patterns uniting in a seamless dance. Meruert creates a balance in each garment from narrowing the sleeve and elongating the wrist line, to building generous shapes, and lines throughout the rest of the garment.

She finds her way in telling a story of the woman in her garment in subtle cues of whimsical detail, and playful fabrics. A glimpse into the woman, and who she discovers herself to be in wearing the Tolegen pieces. The discovery of self, the whimsical nature, and the ever dreamy inner world of the woman she stands for.

Although the brands feminine nature is evident in the ever so gentle aesthetic, there is a sense of edge, and masculinity in Tolegen garments. One may discover this in the straight cut jackets, and coats, in the stiffness of the construction, or one may catch a glimpse of it in the sharp folds of the cuff, and strong button detail. The ease in which it seamlessly flows through the garment, ties together the two worlds of the multidimensional woman.

The Hiver 2022 collection introduces another exciting aspect to the brand – knitwear. The hand-knit garments use fine Baby Alpaca yarn, carefully calibrated and blended together with 30% fine Pima Cotton, to create a sturdy structure while maintaining the ever soft quality of Baby Alpaca yarn. The knitwear stems from the rest of the garments, playing with stitch technique to create various textures, and designing outside the bounds of knitwear. The knitwear showcases the 2.5kg Alpaca Knit coat with a drop sleeve and chunky collar. The varying textures in the knit are created to represent a textured landscape,and natural scenery.

For the Hiver ‘22 collection Meruert Tolegen was inspired by nature, antique textiles and whimsical interiors.

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Meruert Tolegen – Spring | Summer 2023 | Creative Director: Meruert Tolegen | Photographed by: Max Hoell | Styling: Laura Stoloff | Hair Makeup: Emma End For PR Purposes Only

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